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Invitation to chile, 16th to 17th march

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Dear comrades and friends,

We hereby invite you to join a solidarity mission to Chile on 16th and 17th March 2020. Since the massive protests started on 18 October 2019 important violations of human Rights have been stated and have let to a deeper political crisis. Besides reducing inequality and promoting a more fair and just society in Chile, the political parties have agreed on a referendum on a constitutional change which shall take place on 26 April 2020. This referendum will be of utmost importance not only for Chile, but also for the continent as a positive outcome through democratic means should strengthen progressive forces and make a difference.

As agreed with PS Chile we will propose two days programme of polticial encounters with our members parties, Socialis Party Chile (PS) and Party for Democracy (PPD), with the trade union confederation CUT and with social movements and activists. The detailed programme will follow asap.

For those interested to join please foresee to arrive at latest on Monday, 16th in the morning and leave at earliest on Tuesday, 17th March in the evening.

We will suggest in time the accommodations that might be booked if you are interested. Unfortunately, the PA cannot take care of hotel or travel expenses.

Do not hesitate to come back on me with any further requiery of information.

In solidarity

Conny Reuter

Coordinator Progressive Alliance

Invitation (English)