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Activities and Structure of the Progressive Alliance

As progressive parties, we want to make the 21st century a century of democratic, social and ecological progress. In order to achieve this goal, we have to understand the needs of our fellow human beings and work out modern political approaches to satisfy these needs.

To create just jobs and fight unemployment, to ensure equal pay for women and men, counter increased inequality in societies, curb climate change, restrain rampant financial markets with sensible regulations, fight tax heavens and fiscal evasion, promote sustainable development, secure peace and human rights as global public goods, stop the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and put an end to hunger and poverty once and for all. Challenges like these can only be tackled by working together and not against each other.

The Progressive Alliance provides a platform for formulating progressive joint answers to political challenges around the globe, for exchanging information and experience on election campaigns, for strengthening party organization, supporting international campaigns and improving regional networking.

The Progressive Alliance is a network which is open to progressive, democratic, social-democratic, socialist and labour parties and party networks. The progressive parties welcome the cooperation with other progressive social forces, trade unions, foundations, think tanks, NGOs, and rural based initiatives.

Parallel and complementary to other associations operating at an international level, the Progressive Alliance builds on existing and evolving networks and forums.

The Progressive Alliance is funded by voluntary contributions of the parties. All interested parties will be asked to make their contribution. The values of democracy, justice, solidarity and gender equality we advocate are the basic operational principles inside of the Progressive Alliance.

Board of the Progressive Alliance: The Progressive Alliance has a lean organisational concept. Its political focal points are determined by a board comprising up to 30 leading parties from all world regions. This board meets at least once a year.

Steering Committee of the Progressive Alliance: The activities of the Progressive Alliance are prepared by the Steering Committee. Interested parties can send a delegate to the Steering Committee. This committee meets regularly, at least twice a year, and if possible at the fringe of international events. To improve the Steering Committee network, an open mailing list has been compiled.

Conference of the Progressive Alliance: The Progressive Alliance stages an annual international conference. The conferences focus on progressive forces finding common answers to prevailing global political problems.

International Campaigns: For interested parties a joint international campaign can be agreed upon for the coming year. The campaigns can be staged in conjunction with other progressive social forces, trade unions, foundations and NGOs.

Coordination of the Progressive Alliance: The coordination of the Progressive Alliance activities will be based on a rotation system between the member parties. The time period for the coordination spans from one Progressive Alliance Conference to the next one. The coordination task will include sending out invitations to meetings, help to organize meetings in cooperation with host parties and update the webpage.

Cooperation with Regional Networks and Support of Regional Networking: The Progressive Alliance aims to cooperate with existing and emerging regional networks in Asia, Africa, the Middle-East, Europe, Latin America and North-America. At the same time, the Progressive Alliance supports self-organised regional networking by its associated partners.

Cooperation on Key Topical Issues: The key topical issues centre on the concept of shared prosperity, how we can create just jobs and fight unemployment, how we can make the relationship between capital and labour, fight gender disparity in pay, and how to secure basic workers’ rights and decent work for all. Issues for the first year are for example the questions of a new regulation of the globalized capital and the implementation of frameworks which ensure equal opportunities for all members of society, especially with regards to gender equality. The seminar on A New Global Deal between Capital and Labour will be held in October as a Progressive Alliance activity in Stockholm.

Cooperation of Progressive Parliamentarians: The Conference of Progressive Parliamentary Leaders brings together progressive politicians from across the world to start discussing shared policy challenges and to foster international cooperation. The Conference of Progressive Parliamentary Leaders will be continued in cooperation with the Progressive Alliance.

Cooperation on Campaigning: The Progressive Alliance focuses on building-up the capacity for campaigns and the organisational integrity of political parties. This needs to happen in the developed and the developing world. The International Progressive Campaign Forum gives progressive political parties opportunities to discuss shared electoral challenges and successful campaigns. The International Progressive Campaign Forum will be continued in cooperation with the Progressive Alliance.

Further activities: Expansion of activities of the Progressive Alliance concerning party-organisational, youth’s and women’s issues is also planned. In addition, the Progressive Alliance supports the initiatives of interested parties.

Structure revision: Prior to the Progressive Alliance Conference 2015 we are going to revise the structures of our international network based on the experience gained so far.

Adopted at the Conference, on 21st february 2014

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